Escher Cube
Contact form with a triple validation system for Bootstrap.
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How it works.

v3, or vCube, is a script that builds a mail form and secures it by three levels of validation:

  • Javascript Validation
  • PHP Anti spam tests
  • PHP Validation

Morevoer, the script filters the data before sending them.

To do this v3 merges the funcionalities of a javascript validator: Bootstrap Validator, and of a PHP validator: GUMP. Adding some fuel with its own class: Vcube.

Everything is ruled by a configuration array at the beginning of the vcube class, where the keys are the attribute name of the form fields and the values are arrays with:

  • The data to build the form
  • The validation parameters for Js and PHP
  • The sanitization rules for each field

Once the array is configured and the form is built, the data are validated on typing by an ajax call, if this validation passes (or javascript is disabled) the scripts validates the data via PHP.

The validation in PHP is made in two steps:

  • Anti spam tests
  • Validation

The Anti spam tests to pass are three:

  • is not a bot,
  • hidden form field value,
  • the form is compiled in a time range (2-3600 seconds).

If tests are ok, the script makes validation on the value of any single field using the valudation rules setted in the configuration array.

See the GUMP page in github to understand better the validation rules.

Moreover v3 adds to GUMP two validation rules.

  • blacklist: validate against a list of words
  • captcha: to validate the captcha


  • First you need to have Bootstrap installed
  • Copy all the content of inc/ direcory in your libraries or include folder.
  • Copy js/vendor/validation.js in your js folder.


At the beginning of vcube.class.php set the email variables.

// Mail configuration
protected static $mail_cnf = "";
protected static $site = "My site";
protected static $thanksPage = '';

Then configure your form fields in the field_map array. Here's a sample of how a field can be configured.

	//Validation and Filtering options
	//Field options
	//If label is omitted the default is the field name with first letter capitalized.
	//If the field is 'required' the script will show an * after the label
	//type: input/text' is the default value, it can be omitted 
	//placeholder, has a default value
	'placeholder'=>'Your name',
	//class, has a default value and can be omitted
	//Specific attributes for Bootstrap Validator
	'data-minlength-error'=>'The field needs to be 3 or longer in length.',  
	'data-remote-error'=>'The Name field is invalid',

How to write the validation_rules and the filter_rules is described in GUMP (the class used to make PHP validation).

Edit the type key to define the input field value in html, do in this way: input/text, input/email, input/url, input/number or textarea

Set the placeholder and class as in simple HTML

Add data-minlength-error key if you used min_len in validation_rules

Add 'data-remote'=>'inc/verify.php' (and 'data-remote-error'=>'Error message...') if you want to use GUMP filter in Javascript Validation, for example: alpha_numeric, blacklist or captcha.

How to create a page with form

The contact form template in the package is your starting point to build the page.

  1. Include and run v3 at the beginning of your page.
    	require "inc/vcube.class.php";
    	$vcube = new Vcube();
  2. Build the form inside the page.
  3. Do not forget to include the Bootstrap validator js in your script section, usually after Bootstrap.
    	<script src="js/vendor/validator.js"></script>